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Welcome to the PHIN Community!

Communities of Practice (CoPs) are working to strengthen the Public Health Information Network (PHIN) as members collaborate, share, and focus on issues prioritized by the PHIN Community. The PHIN Community provides a participatory environment for members to learn, share expertise, and develop informatics solutions to improve public health’s capacity to use and exchange information electronically. PHIN CoPs are now collaborating on phConnect.org.phConnect

Communities of Practice are open to everyone, easy to join, and your level of commitment is up to you. Based on the feedback received from public health and information technology partners, a collaborative approach toward implementing PHIN is needed. CoPs provide that collaborative framework, enabling PHIN members to work together to identify and leverage best practices and standards for public health, information technology, and informatics as they relate to PHIN. Your involvement in a PHIN CoP will not only help set PHIN priorities, but also assist in strengthening and shaping the future of PHIN.

Your feedback will help expand and improve the PHIN CoPs. Please provide comments or feedback by completing the form on the Contact Us page, or by sending an email to phin@cdc.gov. To learn more about existing PHIN Communities of Practice, visit here. To Join a CoP, please complete the online form here.

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