Global Macro News 9.20.2010

Japan intervenes to devalue the Yen (FT.com)
In Depth Report: Japanese Intervention (FT.com)
USD/JPY Weekly Outlook Sept 20-24 (Forex Crunch)
China: What do the "good" trade numbers tell us? (China Financial Markets)
Are There More Middle-Class Households in India or in China? (Next Big Future)

Poland Ready To Take "Brutal" Steps on Foreign Currency Loans (Bloomberg)
Hungarian Forint Touches Record Low (ForexBlog)
Hungary faces downgrade of debt to junk status (Bloomberg)

Federal Reserve Resumes Open Market Operations (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
End of Recession / No End of Private Sector Deleveraging (EconompicData)
The Only Part That Mattered In  Obama's Telethon (Market Ticker)
Ask Not Whether Governments Will Default, but How (Safe Haven)
El-Erian on the interesting week ahead (FT Alphaville)
Entitlements, Taxes, Inequality and Three-Way Class Warfare (Of Two Minds)

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