Currency War Digest

Best Commentary
  • John Taylor Parallel's Current Situation to WWII, Predicts Global Debt Structure Could Collapse (Zero Hedge)
  • Risk Lightens Amid Latest Shots in Currency War (FT)
  • General Bernanke and the Currency War of 2010 (Forbes)
  • The Most Dangerous Effect of a Currency War is not Hyperinflation or Hyperdeflation (BusinessInsider)
  • Who Would Win a Currency War? (Time Magazine)
  • Martin Wolf: US Victory in Currency War Assured (IPEZone)
  • Too much focus on the Yuan? (VoxEU)
  • A currency war the US can't win (VoxEU)
A Satirist's View
The book is called Super Sad True Love Story and it was written by Gary Shteyngart.  If the name sounds familiar, he is the brilliant and hilarious writer who gave us Absurdistan a few years back, one of my favorite books of the last decade. In SSTLS, Shteyngart introduces us to our own world a few years into the futur e.  The US dollar has been devalued (several times) and citizens keep up with the state of our decaying empire on CrisisNet, a news service available on the mobile devices that have become almost like actual human appendages.  The nation is seemingly held hostage while awaiting a visit from the Chinese Central Banker, a reviled figure who is essentially superior to our President.
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