Mid-term elections, QE and the markets: Tea and QE | The Economist

But there is also a nice irony at work. The tea party is opposed to massive government spending and bailouts. But QE is a way for the central bank to finance that government spending and to pump money into the banking sector. So on the day that the tea partiers may be celebrating, an unelected central bank will be carrying out a programme, probably totalling several hundred billion dollars, that will cut against everything the partiers stand for.

Buttonwood accurately foresaw the overwhelming victory of the Tea Baggers and we are now mere hours from the likely Federal Reserve announcement of QE2 and the resumption of the printing press. The irony observed in the above excerpt - that the Fed is poised to undermine everything the Tea Baggers fundamentally stand on through its independent monetary authority - is unlikely to be fully appreciated by the media as the day progresses. It will be interesting to see the response of the freshly invigorated GOP activists in the coming weeks leading up to their inauguration early next year. I suspect the radical tone will be subdued by political realities and market uncertainty, not to mention the radical shift in mindset that accompanies a transition from insurgent to incumbent.

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